Application for Special Events, Parades, & Festivals

Welcome to the City of Charlotte website for Special Events, Parades (including races on city streets), and Festivals. To use this page, you must first register, then you can:

  • submit an application
  • check the status
  • learn which documents must be submitted as part of the application process
  • submit those documents from this website
  • make payment for any fees associated with the application
  • An Application for a public assembly or parade permit SHALL be made at least 30 DAYS before the commencement of the event.

    To Begin The Application, Click On The "Application" Link In The Top Menu

    *Under current City ordinances, individuals and groups may demonstrate on City sidewalks at any time anywhere within the City, without a permit. Except on sidewalks that may be closed for security, transportation, or logistical reasons, individuals and groups will be allowed to demonstrate on City sidewalks without a permit. Similarly, County parks will be available for individuals and groups to demonstrate without a permit. These properties will not be subject to reservation by anyone; instead, they will be open to anyone and everyone, for peaceable assembly and expressive activity.